Welcome to The Bearded Foe!

Whether you are a first-time player looking to learn the game or a veteran of many campaigns, I have what you need. From one-shot adventures to birthday parties to stand-in game-mastering for an existing campaign, I offer a wide variety of services to you.

Dungeons and Dragons started it all and is arguably the most popular role-playing system today. But if epic fantasy isn’t your style, there are many realms to be explored with your friends. Read more about me to see how I can guide you through them all.

I provide the books, maps, dice, character sheets, and miniatures. The only thing you need to bring is your imagination! Don’t wait any longer! Schedule a session with me and engage in the fun and exciting hobby of table-top role-playing.

Still not convinced? You can read more testimonials like this one:

“I’m impressed by how Sean Dixon is able to bring new adventurers and experienced veterans alike to my dungeon – sometimes in the same party. I get to eat as many as I can, the rest get to leave with a bunch of treasure and a story to tell. It’s win-win!” ~ Sophistus, Red Dragon Supreme

Please Note:
I run a safe and inclusive gaming table! As long as you come to have fun and contribute to the fun of others in a respectful way, you are welcome at my table. Feel free to familiarize yourself with my Code of Conduct.